Brave Search privacy notice

Brave Search is designed to be private by default. We don't collect personal information about you, your device or your searches. We also don't transmit information to the web that could be used to profile you or track you or learn anything about you. Your searches are private to YOU.


You can provide us with anonymous feedback at any time. Please do not provide any personal data in the feedback form. Learn more.

Usage metrics

If you allow us, we'd like to obtain anonymous and aggregated metrics to help us improve Brave Search. By metrics we mean, aggregated data about things such as the number of visits daily/weekly/monthly to Brave Search. How many users have chosen to leave feedback. The operating system of the device you visited us from (for example, Android, Windows or MacOS). Metrics data can't be used to identify you or your device or to learn anything about you individually. Learn more.

Anonymous local results

You may want to search for things that are local to where you are, such as a café. With Brave Search you can choose to enable anonymous local search results and make it automatic each time you search. You can search for ‘cafes near me' and Brave Search will use the IP address broadcast by your device but without sharing that IP address and without storing it. This means we can't tie your searches to you and your location. Nor can anyone else. It remains private to you. Learn more.

Google fallback mixing

As a new search engine and as the ranking index and algorithms for Brave Search are refined it's possible that a search may not return the results you were expecting. In this case, you can choose to enable Google Fallback Mixing. If you choose this, Brave will anonymously check Google search and mix the results in the Brave browser and add the clicked result to Brave's search index. Learn more.

To learn more details about the above and Brave Search please visit the help pages.