Brave Search Help


You have the option of providing feedback via the icons on any results page in Brave Search. This feedback—if you choose to provide it—is meant to be completely anonymous. To preserve this anonymity, please do not include any personal data (like name or email address) in the feedback form. You can give feedback for the overall experience of Brave Search, or for a specific set of search results on the results page.

At Brave we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. This is why every technology we build is designed with privacy by default. Brave Search operates the same way.

In a nutshell:

  • We don’t collect data about you
  • We don’t store data about you (because we don’t collect it in the first place)
  • We don’t track you
  • We don’t profile you
  • We don’t transmit information to the web that could be used to profile you or track you or learn anything about you
  • Your searches are private to you

This private-by-default engineering is why your feedback is so instrumental: Anonymous feedback is the best instrument we have to improve.