Brave Search Help

Featured snippets

Brave Search results are not limited to a list of web pages matching the search query. In addition to a webpage address, page title, and page description, our results will often provide richer information in a slightly different format, called “featured snippets.” These may include locations, lists, direct answers, expanded descriptions and more.

These snippets are based on the content of the pages in our index, which is generated by regular crawling and indexing. This content does not belong to Brave, and we are not liable for its accuracy or trustworthiness. Send us feedback if you notice content or snippet-formatting that’s worth reporting.

Please know that Brave respects content attribution, and we are aware that good snippets may lead to traffic deprivation (i.e. less click-through) to the sites providing the content. We need to weigh this against user expectations of having used other search engines that provide information this way—omitting featured snippets would be detrimental to the user experience. We are conflicted about this issue of traffic loss, and hope to devise a Brave solution to this conundrum soon.