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Brave Search Discussions

Discussions is a feature in Brave that is designed to easily serve discussion-based results around searches where there are heavy SEO results.

The Brave Search ranking algorithm detects cases where discussion forums would provide an alternative or complementary viewpoint to the organic search results. This is done by computing a “discussion_worthiness” score, which is based on a variety of signals such as:

  1. Freshness of the topic (i.e Is the topic time sensitive?)
  2. The popularity of the topic on discussion forums
  3. The quality of the discussions (i.e user engagement on these threads)
  4. The search quality score on how relevant the discussion is to the user query

Brave Search Discussions screenshot

Once the query is considered ‘discussion-worthy’, we retrieve and rank results from a variety of forums which match the user query. A deep search of this nature is possible on Brave Search due to our independent index, which has been optimized for this purpose. While the first version of Discussions is focused on Reddit and the StackExchange network, we are working on expanding our support for additional forums in the near future.