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Brave Search Partner Integrations

Sometimes Brave Search integrates with industry partners to improve search results and offer certain rich widgets. For example we partner with Tripadvisor to enrich results about locations and businesses. We are assessing the Amazon product API to provide a real-time shopping experience for queries that have product shopping intent. We partner with Kayak to provide a link to relevant flights directly in our flights widget.

Brave Search sometimes adds a query parameter (“tag”) to the partner’s URL for attribution (see Partner tags section below). This tag does not identify you in any way, it has the same value for all users. It does not affect Brave’s privacy protections in any way.

Partner integrations can provide some sort of revenue for Brave through affiliate or sponsored links or access to high-utility data to improve the experience on Brave Search. In the case of revenue, those widgets will be disabled for rewards users until there is a mechanism to reward their attention.

Partner tags

Below you will find the complete list of cases for which we add a partner tag, as well as the tag itself highlighted in the examples.

Integration Example Url Privacy policy
Tripadvisor** Link
Kayak Link
Amazon Link