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What are bangs, and how can I use them in Brave Search?

Bangs are handy shortcuts that can quickly take you to another website’s results, or filter results quickly from desired sources.

These helpful shortcuts are available in Brave Search.

For example, if you’d prefer to see discussion-based reviews of tennis rackets before shopping, you could search “!r first tennis racket” in Brave Search. You’d then be taken directly to Reddit’s top results for that search. Brave Search supports thousands of popular bangs, including Reddit (!r), Wikipedia (!w), Twitter (!tw), Amazon (!a), and more.

Using bangs is a simple but powerful way to find the results you want quickly. And, if you’re using Brave Search within the Brave Browser, you can get these convenient results while remaining protected from various sites’ third-party ads & trackers.

See a list of popular bangs available in Brave Search

Brave Search bangs screenshot