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Answer with AI

Make AI-powered answers appear automatically for some searches. Learn more.

Code LLM

Get AI code snippets grounded on search results, with step-by-step explanations and citations of the sources for reference and validation. Learn more.

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Links clicked from search will open in a new browser tab

Units of measure

Get your weather in temperatures you can feel and your distances in lengths you don't have to do mental gymnastics for.

Anonymous local results

Anonymous local search results will use the IP address broadcast by your device, but without sharing or storing that IP address. This means we can't tie searches and locations to individuals. Nor can anyone else. It remains private to you. Learn more.


Discussions is a new feature of Brave Search, highlighting search results around which there are conversations Learn more.

Anonymous usage metrics

Anonymous and aggregated metrics help us improve Brave Search for you and for the search community. We've designed metrics so the data can't be used to identify you or your device or to learn anything about you individually. We don't want to compromise your privacy. Learn more.