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What Are Sports Betting Databases? How to Use Stats Sites
Serious sports gamblers use huge databases of historical stats and information to make winning bets and you can too. Learn how with our comprehensive guide.
Published: February 8, 2019
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Sports Betting Databases | Odds Shark
August 7, 2015 - Football bettors, office poolies and pick’em game contestants have plenty of stats and resources at their fingertips — but how many of those stats or trends are their own? Odds Shark has a huge archive of 30 years of NFL point spread data, baseball box score material, and much more that ...
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What is the best database system for online sports betting website? - Quora
Answer (1 of 4): I was just playing with something similar the other day. With storage systems one of the main questions are is the time that you are saving now going to be translated into a bigger loss of time later on when you have loads of data ? Of course there are many questions others tha...
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Building a sports betting application to handle ‘Big Game’ traffic
Real-money gaming is growing in popularity. Here's how to build a resilient, performant application in the face of demanding users and complex regulations.
Betradar - leading supplier of sports betting data
Betradar is the world's leading supplier and provider of sports betting data services. The one-stop shop for betting, content, streaming & gaming solutions.
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The Best Stats Sites for Sports Betting: Your Key to Winning Big
March 22, 2018 - With a seemingly endless amount of sports betting statistics sites, it can be overwhelming to stick to one. In our 3-minute article, we'll walk you through some of the best free and subscription-based sports databases out there. It's a quick read that can pay off big in the end!
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BettingData scours the best sports betting odds from the most popular sportsbooks and serves them to our users using our powerful suite of betting tools and insights. Read the best sports betting tips and advice and read our reviews on which are the most trustworthy sportsbooks around.
Sports Betting Data Provider · Sport Data, Odds Feeds & APIs - OddsMatrix
Betting data solutions to cover in real-time hundreds of thousands of sports and esports events with a high degree of detail. Over 50 leading companies choose OddsMatrix as a trusted sports data provider!
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Sports Betting Databases Are In Big Supply | BeaBetterBettor.com
September 3, 2018 - Many of the leading online sportsbooks offer links to sports information databases right on their own sites. For example, BetOnline provides what it terms "useful links" that will lead you to databases covering such entities as defensive statistics, game logs and hot and not categories on leagues ...
Sports Database
You can use the API to build SDQL apps with existing data, add your own data, and even start a new database. Every database deserves a query language: sports data deserve the SDQL · How to get an SDQL API token
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Historical Betting Database | Sports Insights
August 8, 2011 - If you are looking to do some of your own data analysis, Sports Insights' historical databases are a great place to start. We offer downloadable
Sports Betting Stats
The red-hot Cornhuskers travel to Iowa to take on the Hawkeyes on Friday night. The host is laying 3.5 points in the early betting. Read on to see why · The handicapping and sports wagering information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only.
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Odds & Betting Data: Best Datasets & Databases 2024 | Datarade
Learn about odds & betting data, its use cases in strategy and predictive modelling, and where to buy odds & betting datasets from specialist providers.
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php - Database Design for Betting Community - Stack Overflow

Quite a task, but here is my attempt:

  • Members table stores members data; including PerformanceFactor which is periodically re-calculated based on correctness of one's answers.
  • Transactions table tracks money deposits and withdrawals for each member. The Type field could be 1=deposit, 2=withdrawal, 3=transfer from winnings.
  • One contest can have many questions, a question belongs to one contest only.
  • One member can place many member-bets, a member-bet belongs to one member only.Place UNIQUE constraint on MemberID, ContestID to prevent member placing several bets for a specific contest
  • One member-bet has several answers, each answer belongs to one member bet only; each answer relates to a question. Place UNIQUE constraint on MemberBetID, QuestionID to prevent member placing several answers for a specific question.
  • DerivedAnswers table contains answers obtained by "statistical analysis" of member answers for a specific contest. Place UNIQUE constraint on ContestID, QuestionID to prevent repeating an answer for a specific question.

Answer from Damir Sudarevic on stackoverflow.com
Historical Sports Odds & DFS Databases - OddsWarehouse
April 7, 2015 - Dominate Sports Betting & Daily Fantasy Sports with OddsWarehouse MLB, NBA, NHL & NFL historical odds & DFS databases w/ DraftKings & FanDuel points!
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Web Scraping Betting Sites - A Guide to Gathering Data for Betting
December 13, 2023 - This data can then be analyzed to gain insights into sports betting trends and patterns. Setting up the web scraping environment is the first step in web scraping betting sites. This involves selecting a web scraping tool, installing it on your computer, and configuring it to work with the betting sites you want to scrape. Once you have set up your web scraping environment, you can start exploring betting sites and their structure ...
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LSports: Real-time Sports Betting Data Provider
October 16, 2022 - LSports provides Innovative sports betting data API for the sports betting industry. We are a leading provider of high-quality live sports data feeds.
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Betting Data - Aggregated Odds Service | SportsDataIO
The cornerstone of our Betting Data content offering is our Aggregated Odds Service, which collects, cleans, tags and delivers all betting markets from legal onshore U.S. Sportsbooks. All odds are initially reviewed and tagged by our team of data analysts with the appropriate Market ID to ensure ...