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PUMPS - Pumps - 6/4 FHH / Slurry Pump
Ref No: PU3567 PUMPS -- Slurry Pump -- 6/4 FHH -- Slurry Pump Metal Lined - Metal 6 Vane Impeller - Centrifugal Seal Condition: Unused
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75mm Polyurethane Tyred Nylon Centred Wheel | 5/16" Axle Diameter With Stainless Steel Bearing (PU3345-31) - Richmond Wheel & Castor Co
75mm Polyurethane Tyred Nylon Centred Wheel | 5/16" Axle Diameter With Stainless Steel Bearing (PU3345-31)
The tyres are injection moulded and mechanically bonded to the wheel centre with section thicknesses from 3mm to 5mm. The usual tyre hardness is 90 Shore A . They are quiet in operation and will not mark or damage floors. These hygienic wheels are hard wearing and carry good loads.
Price: A$25.19
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High Strength Flexible PU Matrix
High Strength Flexible PU Matrix for PU3543, PU3544, PU3545, PU3546, PU3547, PU3548, PU3551, PU3549, PU3550. These are tough, durable, polyurethane elastomers varying from 30-95 Shore A, used for mould making, prototype parts requiring high tear strength
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Buyers PU3593 - Bucher 4-Way/3-Way DC Power Unit With Electric Controls (Horizontal 0.32 Gallon Reservoir) | Shop ITE Parts
The 4 Way/3 Way DC Power Unit - Electric Controls from Buyers Products is an all-in-one, compact power pack. This horizontal-mount power unit is ideal for powering snow plow lift and angle operations. FREE shipping on eligible purchases.
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PN3567 Transistor Datasheet
PN3567 Transistor Datasheet, PN3567 NPN General Purpose Transistor Datasheet, buy PN3567 Transistor
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Puma PU643835 Fuse Motion, Men's, Black, Comp Toe, SD, Low Athletic
Puma Men's Comp Toe SD Low Athletic
Puma PU643835 Fuse Motion, Men's, Black, Comp Toe, SD, Low Athletic
Price: $124.99
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Puma | Product Search
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P635 Polyurethane Sealant Construction - Akfix
Akfix focused on developing eco-friendly, life-esteem chemical products and technologies to create permanent solutions for customer needs.
Tocris Bioscience
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PU 23 | CAS 817635-93-1 | PU23 | Tocris Bioscience
Unfortunately PU 23 (Cat. No. 6885) has been withdrawn from sale for commercial reasons.
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RICHMOND WHEELS - Nepean Boltmaster
Buy RICHMOND WHEELS products online at Nepean Boltmaster.
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June 1, 2024 - a perfect fixing for your business · Access the INDEX® online catalogue, where you can find all the available products