Wireless PowerG Security 4 Button Panic Key
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4 programmable function keysVisual and audible indicator to acknowledge requested actionFull 3-seconds delay on panic function to reduce false alarmsCertified with ULC Wireless Commercial Burglary Listing under ULC-S304-16 Standard - an industry first in Canada!* · DSC (Digital Security Controls) ...
DSC PG9939 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless 4-Button Key - Alarm Grid
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September 21, 2020 - The DSC PG9939 is a 4-button key fob that is used with PowerG-compatible systems. It has distinct buttons for disarming, arming away, arming stay and triggering a panic. The device boasts a 2 km signal range and 128-bit AES encryption. Purchase the DSC PG 9939 key fob from Alarm Grid.
PG9939 - DSC PowerG Remote 4-Button Alarm Keyfob
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The DSC PG9939 is a wireless 4-button alarm keyfob that is used to remotely arm/diarm or send panic alarm signals. The PG9939 PowerG keyfob is compatible with DSC PowerSeries Neo, DSC PowerSeries PRO, DSC Iotega and Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus control panels.
DSC PG9939 PowerG Wireless Keyfob - SafeHomeCentral
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DSC PG9939 PowerG Wireless Keyfob
PowerG 915Mhz Wireless 4-Button Key.  Also works with iotega wireless security.
Price: $41.95
DSC PowerSeries PG9939 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless 4-Button Key
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The PG9939 is a simple 4-button keyfob for use with PowerG systems. You can arm, disarm and set off a panic. These do not provide feedback when the action is complete, so if you want a model that does, check out the PG9929. DSC PowerSeries PG9939 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless 4-Button
PG9939 - DSC
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How to Program DSC Neo Proxy and PG9939 Keyfob - YouTube
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How to Program DSC Neo Proxy and PG9939 KeyfobClick here to subscribe to my channel http://bit.ly/1UeLONGHS2LCDPENG Keypad with Prox
Published: September 24, 2015
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PG9939 - DSC - Security Button Panic Key, | Anixter
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Security Button Panic Key, 4-Button, 14 to 131 F, 2.4 x 1.4 x 0.5, with 3 Volt CR2032 Lithium Battery
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