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Access online resources, services and the collection of Library and Archives Canada: Canadian documentary heritage (publications and records) providing knowledge about Canadian society and serving as the collective memory of the Government of Canada.
OpenCV Connect Compontent | Kaggle
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April 22, 2021 - Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from Indian License Plates
【YAZAWA公式卸サイト】壁埋込 ライトマネージャFx 記憶式6回路 親機 NQ28861
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壁埋込 ライトマネージャFx 記憶式6回路 親機
【特長】 · 4つのあかりのシーンを記憶し、ワンタッチで再生できます。 · ●複数の調光器を1カ所にまとめることで効率化が図れます。 · ●記憶されたシーンの切替時間を自由に設定できるので、素早い場面転換が必要な場合から、明るさの変化を感じさせたくない倍居間で、幅広く対応できます。 · ●最大36台まで接続できます。 · ●各回路の調光比率を保ったまま全体の明るさが変えられる「マスター調光機能」を搭載しています。
Price: ¥140,800
Communications Manager at University of Cambridge
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The Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology is looking for an experienced, motivated and enthusiastic Communications Manager, who will join and lead our Communications team, bringing excellent skills in channels management, content development and staff engagement.
Novah Ltd | Specialists in LED Lighting | Horizon Select 36W Tp(b) Panel 4000K
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The Horizon Panel is a high output, long-life, flicker-free, Tp(b) panel and is designed for projects where the highest quality is required to meet with a demanding technical specification. There is a range of mounting and installation options. When fitted with the ELKEL3K emergency module ...
Ethiraj Ravindran-DISSERTATION - Refubium
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As the Freie Universität Berlin institutional repository, Refubium provides Freie Universität members with a free-of-cost framework to electronically publish documents, doctoral and habiltation theses, as well as research data · Theses and documents written by Charité members are also accepted
Australian vehicle registration number plates NQ4000+
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Write off, finance, theft, damage records and vehicle details from Australian government sources
0, JUL1917 - Dirección del Trabajo
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