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lw370 – Heureka.cz
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triplebright-ii-lw370-without-cover – UV Systems, Inc.
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TripleBright II LW370 w/o Cover
This TripleBright II model WOCL68 is a 368 nm LW370 UV light specifically designed for irradiation applications, such as curing UV paints, glues, or coatings.  WOCL68 stands for With Out Cover Lamp long wave 368 nm.  The TripleBright II has special features such as its patented circuits (US patents
Price: $539.00
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6w-lw-368-nm-f6t5-bl-368 — UV Systems, Inc
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6W LW370 = F6T5/BL
Replacement LW370 6 Watt lamp.  Type F6T5/BL.  UV peak at about 368 nm.  Length 9 inches ~ 23 cm. The lamp can be used in these fixtures. UVP, LLC: UVL-56, ML-46, ML-49, UVGL-58, UVL-26, 3UV-36 and UVSL-26P. ·
Price: $29.00
lw-lamp-368-nm-peak-tb-ii – UV Systems, Inc.
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LW370 LL-60-368 for all TripleBright LW370 models
Replacement lamp for all LW370 TripleBright lights.  TripleBright model FL68, TripleBright 3 model FL68, TripleBright 3 model WOCL68, and all Dual TripleBright 3 with a LW370 lamp.  Peak output at about 368 nm.
Price: $142.00
PT-LW376 - Visual System Solutions - Panasonic Business
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Panasonic offers the world’s widest line up of projectors between 3000 and 50,000 lumens. From short throw projection for small seminars to mind-blowing projection mapping at some of the world’s largest live events, we have the solutions you need.