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Par-delà sa valeur esthétique, l’enregistrement se caractérise par sa valeur documentaire, sa fonction de conservation de la trace. Ou à travers lui capter l’instant, ce qui par nature échappe, s’évanouit, disparait. L’histoire de l’enregistrement sonore recèle quelques trésors ...
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Lahrer Zeitung - AbeBooks
Gebundene Ausgabe. Condition: Akzeptabel. 176 Seiten Artikel stammt aus Nichtraucherhaushalt! GC2635 Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 500.
Sewing Gold
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Highlead GC2698-1B - Sewing Gold
Highlead GC2698-1B - Sewing Gold
Ships with a knocked down space saver stand and a ¾HP servo motor, in 4 boxes.
Price: $2,495.00
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Highlead GC2698 Series Industrial Sewing Machines with Assembled Table and Servo Motor
This model is designed with a small radius cylinder bed and a compound feed mechanism. The small radius cylinder bed allows for easy access to sew on such items as thin leather garments, shoes, slippers, and for binding on seat cushions and similar operations.
Datasheet Archive: GC2671 datasheets
View results and find GC2671 datasheets and circuit and application notes in pdf format.
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Highlead GC2698-1B narrow cylinder arm sewing machine
information on the Highlead GC2698-1 GC2698-1B narrow cylinder arm compound feed walking foot lockstitch industrial sewing machine with large hook
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Highlead Gc2698-1 - Leather Sewing Machines - Leatherworker.net
Hi all Thanks so much for all the info on this site. Ive already learned so much from the pinned posts about leather sewing machines. Really great resource there. Unfortunately, I still need a bit of advice so I thought I would post on here. Im looking into buying my first industrial leather sewi...
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