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Have you ever brought your parent to a job interview with you, or had someone bring their parents to one? - Quora
Answer (1 of 10): Way back in the Pleistocene when I was a young contingency recruiter in my first job after finishing four years in the Navy a mother brought her very uncommunicative 20 year old son to the agency. The mother asked if I could find him a job, telling me that his hobby was taking ...
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Job search: 25% of Gen Zers are bringing their parents with them on interviews | Fox Business
Most job experts frown on bringing moms or dads along on a job interview. · "Pursuing a job, getting it and going to work is a journey that is meant to be a life experience, which shapes you and helps you move into adult life," Rice told Fox News Digital. · It is one thing to bring a parent ...
Published: June 12, 2024
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Gen Z workers are bringing mom and dad to job interviews
May 21, 2024 - Young, Gen Z workers are turning to their parents to when it comes to the job interview and search process
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Nearly 20 Percent Of Gen Zers Are Bringing Parents With Them To Job Interviews | OutKick
June 6, 2024 - A troubling survey found that Gen Z workers are failing across the board - with some even having parents sit with them during job interviews!
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Bringing Your Parents To A Job Interview? Inside This Weird Trend
September 12, 2013 - No, you should not bring your mom and dad to the office. Or the job interview. Evidently, helicopter parents — the ones that you’ll find hovering over their kids — are extending their reach all the way to the cubicle, where millennials are attempting to be taken seriously by their bosses ...
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Gen Z jobseekers are bringing parents to interviews, employers say: 'Unprepared'
January 8, 2024 - Employers are going above and beyond to not hire recent college graduates in favor of older workers, a new survey found. The survey uncovered many reasons why older applicants are preferred -- including that Gen Z jobseekers are bringing mom and dad to interviews.
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Parents, Please Don't Attend Your Adult Child's Job Interview
August 29, 2017 - It may seem like common sense that parents shouldn’t attend a job interview alongside their 22-year-old. But it’s really happening.
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interviewing - Candidate brought parent to interview - The Workplace Stack Exchange

I think that in these sort of situations you should inquire as to why the parent is there because:

  • A) You don't want to rush into making assumptions
  • B) It might be interesting to see how the candidate answers the question

There are a couple of reasonable explanations for that situation. Maybe they're sharing a ride to another location after the interview, for example. In fact, I would say hello to the parent in question, because it's fairly rude to pretend that they "don't exist":

You: Hello, I see you accompanied [Name Here] to the interview.
Parent: Hello, yes, she needed a ride, and that's what parents are for!
You: Well, it's been a pleasure to meet you. Are you ready to start, [Name Here]?

In this particular case, since you say that the interview did not go badly, you may want to ask the candidate back for a second interview and see how she handles it.

If it clearly comes across that this person needs to have their hand held, and exhibits a noticeable lack of self-confidence and emotional maturity (can't handle criticism, can't think of ways to handle stressful situations, etc.) then you may want to save yourself a headache and hire someone else. After all, you don't want this person's parents showing up to discuss her mediocre performance review with her supervisor (shiver).

Note: You can gauge how "autonomous" a person is with targeted interview questions. Read up various "situational" and "conflict resolution" type questions.

However, there's no reason to assume that this is automatically the case simply because the parent was in the building at the time of the interview.

Answer from AndreiROM on workplace.stackexchange.com
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Gen Zers Are Asking Their Parents To Help Them Find Jobs, New Survey Shows
June 6, 2024 - 70% of Gen Zers ask their parents for help in the job search process, according to a new survey. Is this a good job search strategy, or a symptom of Gen Z's arrested development?
The Seattle Times
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So what if Gen Z applicants bring their parents to a job interview? | The Seattle Times
June 13, 2024 - It doesn't mean the young person can't do the job without Mom or Dad. It means the pandemic's full toll is still becoming apparent.
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Gen Z Job Seekers Taking Parents to Interviews | MedBest
February 29, 2024 - Explore the trend of Gen Z job seekers bringing parents to job interviews and its impact on hiring processes and dynamics.
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Have you ever seen a job interview candidate bring a parent to a job interview? Post college and legal adult. | ResetEra
September 14, 2021 - I reading about this and apparently it happens. I’ve never seen and it seems crazy. I get if it’s a kid interviewing for some retail job while in high school, but past HS? Apparently not just parents, but friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, pets, etc.
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Bringing mom or dad on a job interview? When bulldozer parenting goes too far
September 25, 2019 - Bulldozer parents are filling out job applications, sitting in on job interviews and heavily involving themselves in their children's careers.