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4202 ZZ
Standard series double row deep groove ball bearing with two shields from our Select range. 15mm ID, 35mm OD and 14mm width.
Price: £36.14
Available Paper
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The paper types that can be used with this machine are shown in the following table.For available paper with options attached, see the specifications of respective options.Also, confirm the precautions regarding paper use.
Installing Drivers
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Install the printer driver, fax driver, and drivers for other system options as well as related software on your computer · You can download the drivers and software to use from the Canon website (http://www.canon.com/) · The latest versions of drivers and software are uploaded to the Canon ...
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Printing Files in Memory Media
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Even if the machine is not connected to a computer, or a printer driver is not installed in the computer, you can print files saved in memory media from the machine.
Display Settings
oip.manual.canon › USRMA-4202-zz-CSL-2600-enLN › contents › devu-set_reg-table-pref-disset.html
Display Settings · *1: Indicates items that appear only when the appropriate optional products are available for use · > Settings/Registration > Settings/Registration Table > Preferences > Display Settings · 567S-0CH
Replacement Parts
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This section describes the replacement parts (consumables/consumable parts) used by the machine. Purchase the replacement parts from the authorized Canon dealer that you purchased the machine from. Follow the precautions when handling and storing the replacement parts.
oip.manual.canon › USRMA-4202-zz-CSL-2600-enLN › contents › devu-set_reg-table-func-printer-pdf.html
> Settings/Registration > Settings/Registration Table > Function Settings > Printer > PDF · 567S-0EA
Main Unit
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Main Unit · *1 Including multi-purpose tray · *2 If <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power> is set to "On", it takes 4 seconds until the key operation on the touch panel display is available after turning on the main power of the machine. Depending on the situations, the machine does not ...
Using the Touch Panel Display
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The display of the machine is a touch panel that can be operated by touching directly with your fingers. The screen is used not only for basic functions such as copying and scanning, but also to display various settings, text input, communication status and error messages.
Canon - imageRUNNER 2630 - User's Guide
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Scanning paper originals enables you to convert them into electronic files, such as PDF, commonly supported by a computer. Converted files can be sent as e-mail attachments from the machine, or saved in a file server. This chapter describes a variety of useful functions for easy scanning as ...
Making DNS Settings
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