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Rebuilt Subaru 6 Speed Cable-Shift Transmission | Specialised Parts › home › transmissions and related parts › rebuilt subaru 6-speed cable-shift transmission with reversed ring & pinion
May 30, 2022 - Specialised Parts offers a fully rebuilt Subaru 6-speed cable-shift transmission (TY751, 756) with reversed Ring and Pinion in 2WD or AWD, with several options available on the final drive gear ratio, and the possibility of an open diff, Torsen diff, or plate diff.
List of Subaru transmissions - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Subaru_transmissions
September 22, 2023 - Gear Ratios are: 1st: 3.454 2nd: 1.947 3rd: 1.296 4th: 0.972 5th: 0.780 6th: 0.666 Reverse: 3.636 Final Drive: 4.111 (TY751VB9CA 2015-2017, TY751VB6CA 2018-2020) or 4.44
Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch - WRX 06+ › clu_exeoem_wrx06.html
Exedy is the OEM supplier to Subaru of clutches. This is a standard replacement clutch kit with disc, pressure plate, release bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.
Subaru Gearbox & Transmission - EVERYTHING You Want to Know! › home › gearboxes › about subaru transmissions
September 5, 2016 - TY752VN5BA, TY752VN6AA, TY754VBAAA, TY755VB1AA, TY754VN1AA, TY754VN2AA, TY755VB2AA, TY754VBBAA, TY754VBBBA, TY754VB4AA, TY754VB5AA, TY755VH4AA, TY757VBBAB, TY754VB6AA, TY755VW5AA, TY754VB7AA, TY755VB7AA, TY758VE1AA, TY758VGZAA, TY758VWABA, TY756U1ZAB, TY756W1ZAB, TY751VIZDA
Subaru 2WD Conversion Kit - 6MT — Bremar Automotion 3D Scan Store › products › subaru-2wd-conversion-kit-6mt-4c8hj
The conversion kit is based on our successful 5MT kit, with additional shifter shaft cover that will work for the 6 speed split cases with the model number TY751/756 manual Subaru gearbox. A splined locking spool replaces the centre diff and sends all drive torque to the gearbox’s front diff.
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Subaru Transmission Common Problems – Subisolution › subaru-transmission-common-problems
The TY751 is the latest designed 6 speed manual gearbox developed by Subaru. In appearance, it is very similar to the earlier designed 5 speed Split case gearbox but has some new developments. The TY751 incorporates no mechanical linkage between the cabin gear selector and the gearbox itself, ...
Subaru transmission 6 speed inside secrets, the non performance model - YouTube › mrt performance
06:56 UPDATE The Subaru 6 speed low spec transmision (not the one in the sti) is becomming more common as Subaru release more mode
Published: September 6, 2013
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National® - Subaru Forester Standard Transmission with 6-Speed Subaru TY751 Transmission 2014 Manual Transmission Output Shaft Seal › home › all products › auto repair parts › transmission parts › transmission seals & gaskets › subaru › forester › 2014
Subaru Forester Standard Transmission with 6-Speed Subaru TY751 Transmission 2014, Manual Transmission Output Shaft Seal by National®. Width: 0.354". Inside Diameter: 1.181". Outside Diameter: 1.978". Housing Bore: 1.969". If you're looking for the highest quality wheel bearings and oil seals ...
Syncro AWD Kit 6 Speed | Subiworks - Conversion parts and Accessories that Work ! › home › shop › syncro awd kit 6 speed
November 7, 2019 - Subarugears Syncro AWD Kit, 6 Speed. Replace your Syncro transmission with a Subaru transmission.
TY751 Manual Transmission Catalogue - Automatic Choice › en-us › ty751-manual-transmission-catalogue
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