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Dankoff Slowpump 1304-12VDC SURFACE PUMP | altE › store › solar-water-pumps › surface-solar-pumps › solar-slowpump › dankoff-slowpump-1304-12vdc-surface-pump-p445
Dankoff Slowpump 1304-12VDC SURFACE PUMP
DankoffSLOWPUMP® SOLAR PUMP MODELS: 1300,1400,2500,2600 · Use Solar-Electric · Power to provide 200-2,600 Gallons per Day (750-10,000 ltrs.) from shallow water · sources. Slowpump can push water as high as 560 vertical feet (170m). · Solar · Slowpump was the world's first commercially available
Price: $1,202.46
cd/PV.1304 - › cd › PV.1304
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Dankoff SlowPump 1304-24 › shop › dankoff-slowpump-1304-24
Dankoff SlowPump 1304-24
Dankoff's 24VDC solar SlowPump is the worlds first, commercially available, low power solar pump.
Price: $595.00
Dankoff Solar Slow Pump Model 1304-XX › dankoff-solar-slow-pump-model-1304-xx-p-1836.html
Dankoff Pump Spin Down Sediment ... Suncentric Pump 7622 48v Battery/ 36v PV PumpDankoff Solar Suncentric Pump 7526 24v PV Direct PumpReplacement Slowpump Head including Reducers for 1303/1304/1403/1310Dankoff Solar Slow Pump Model 1304-XXDankoff Pump, Flowlight Booster, Replacement ...
Dankoff Solar SlowPump Model 1304-12 12 Volt | Northern Arizona ... › dankoff-slowpump-model-1304-12.html
Find what you need for solar water pumping. We carry solar powered water pumps (and AC pumps), along with accessories, hardware, and installation parts and kits.
Dankoff SlowPump 1304-48 › shop › dankoff-slowpump-1304-48
Dankoff SlowPump 1304-48
Dankoff's 48VDC solar SlowPump is the worlds first, commercially available, low power solar pump.
Price: $595.00
Dankoff 1304-12 12Volt SlowPump › dankoff-1304-12-12volt-slowpump.html
Dankoff 1304-12 12Volt SlowPump
1.48 Gallons Per Minute, 320" Total Dynamic Head 138.5 psi, Max Amps:15. Can be used with solar panels directly or with a 12 Volt DC battery bank. · Questions about Dankoff Pumps? Call us Toll Free 888-826-0939
Price: $933.67
Present Value of $1,304 in 24 Years › present-value › 1304-in-24-years
Calculate the present value (PV) of $1,304 when it will be received as a single payment in 24 years time.