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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana - Newspapers.com
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January 12, 1978 - January Burgundy February Plum ... Bahama Blue a. $89.95 b. $49.95 c. $69.95 d. $79.95 it 0 "So Why Don't You Come In And Browse?" SOUTH 10 9 3 OQ753 9 "North East South Wesl Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 4 NT Pass 5 Pass 6 All Pass Opening lead 4 At bdth tables West led ...
[1703.04066] Multi-frequency VLBA Polarimetry of the high-redshift GPS Quasar OQ172
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Multi-frequency Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) polarimetry observation of the GHz-Peaked Spectrum (GPS) quasar OQ172 (J1445+0958) has been performed at 1.6, 2.2, 4.8, 8.3 and 15.3 GHz in 2005. Core-jet structures are detected in all bands with the jet strongly bent at about 3 mas from the core.
OQ135 Datasheet, PDF - Alldatasheet
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Spectral observations of the quasar OQ 172|INIS
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The 2.2A - resolution spectrum of the quasar OQ172 (zsub(e)=3.53) has been obtained in the range lambda lambda 3850-4200 with the 6-m telescope. The observations have confirmed the presence of molecular hydrogen in the absorbing material at zsub(a)=3.091 in the dir
Redshift of OQ172 - NASA/ADS
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WE report the discovery of a second QSO with a redshift greater than 3. Spectra taken at the 120-inch at Lick Observatory1 give z = 3.53 for OQ172. Carswell and Strittmatter2 have found the redshift of OH471 to be z = 3.40. Our attention was drawn to the object by the work of Gent et al.3 on ...
(PDF) Spectra of the Quasar OQ172
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January 31, 1984 - PDF | On Jan 31, 1984, V. B. Nebelitskii and others published Spectra of the Quasar OQ172 | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
HikMicro OWL OQ35 Thermal Monocular > Scope Optics
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HikMicro OWL OQ35 Thermal Monocular > Scope Optics
The HikMicro OWL OQ35 thermal monocular is a top of the line professional series scanner equipped with a 640× 512 infrared detector and a OLED
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HIKMICRO Owl OQ35 Thermal Monocular Specifications
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The OWL OQ35 is a thermal monocular made by HIKMICRO and is part of the Owl series.
Multifrequency VLBA polarimetry of the high-redshift GPS quasar OQ172 | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
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March 15, 2017 - Abstract. Multifrequency Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) polarimetry observation of the GHz-peaked spectrum (GPS) quasar OQ172 (J1445+0958) has been performed a