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June 1, 2015 - I have a 4 year old laptop that "plays" CSGO at 10 fps. My desktop is 1000 miles away from me ... I have the same laptop you were looking at with a bigger screen And slightly better minor changes and I get an easy 200 fps on high settings. Its 8-9 pounds tho so really just get a shitty Chromebook ...
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August 16, 2022 - The best laptop for Counter Strike: Global Offensive or any of the past versions ( CS 1.5, 1.6 , Source and Condition Zero) must eliminate frame latency by outputting high and consistent framerates…

Gaming Laptop for CS:GO. I beg you to help me!

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December 19, 2020
Never played on a 120Hz screen but 144Hz truly is amazing, especially for CSGO. I believe CSGO is CPU intensive but both of those processors will run the game great. I'd go for a 17" option over a 15" one. I had to return my 15" laptop because I found it to be too small for first person shooters (albeit I'm 30 and maybe my eye sight is starting to get worse). Personally, I'd go with the Acer Predator. Seems perfect for your needs. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those 3 systems though. More on reddit.com

Best gaming laptop for CSGO? Budget ones are preferable :)

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August 6, 2018

When it comes to csgo you just want to look for single core performance on your cpu, the higher the better.

You want a real gpu in there and not intel integrated graphics.

Once those to are out of the way look at reviews from whats left and look for any mentions of thermal throtteling, if you follow those 3 thinngs you should find a laptop prefectly suited for csgo.

I persoally find razers laptops quite nice just for the full aluminium body but they are uite overpriced.

Oh and dot buy anthing above or below 1080p it will just cause you a headache.

good luck ;)

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Playing CS GO on a laptop's trackpad

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January 20, 2016
Without sound, without a microphone? How's it going dude? I play with you every day. More on reddit.com

MBA M2 or MBP M2 or a gaming laptop for a cs student

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July 17, 2022
Well, big difference between those kinds of laptops. Here are some info about each Gaming laptop: Have one myself, (Legion 5 pro) stable 100/150 fps in the more demanding titles with high settings Everyday use: can easily switch from gaming to light browsing, without demanding anything from the gpu ( because of the integrated graphic card) Portable ish: You can move around with it, unlike a desktop pc, but most gaming laptops are still heavy as f… like more than 2 kg, so prepare for some back pain Charging: Gaming laptops need a lot of power… like, the charger is likely to weigh 1 kg and battery life… is pretty much none existent. Would recommend a gaming laptop if you’re only interested in gaming. Gaming is what they’re made for, not school, even though they can do both. Now the MacBook Both the air and the pro are made for productivity, not gaming. Long battery life, small power consumption and excellent screen and keyboard. But, they’re pricey with or without any upgrades. I think, if school is the most important and you want a portable laptop with great battery life and other perks, go for a MacBook. If you can live with the cons of a gaming pc (for school purposes) go for it. Gaming pcs are great and you will be much happier for a real gaming pc than an overheating MacBook during Csgo. Trust me I tried. Or, buy both. If you have the money for it. More on reddit.com
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August 20, 2014 - Reason is because of school and moving around etc, but i'm so used to playing on a laptop that i prefer playing on one actually. ... If you have a good laptop for csgo you can always connect the other components like a keyboard, mouse and even a monitor which you might have already Just make ...
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August 7, 2019 - Answer (1 of 5): Well Intel Graphics HD 4000 (Integrated Graphics Card) can run CS:GO at 80+ fps and you could probably push it with some tweaks In-Game and on your system. There are heaps of guides on SteamCommunity to get the most out of your computer. Why not look at buying a desktop and save ...
How to get More FPS in CS:GO on a Laptop [2023 Methods] - YouTube
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⚙️DriverFix is now discontinued, but Outbyte Driver Updater is now available: https://out.reflectormedia.com/c?o=20565757&m=17686&a=498500&aff_sub1=MQ5_Hb6B7
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What is the best gaming laptop for CSGO? Buying a laptop for gaming is always considered to be a costly affair. A laptop that gives a great gaming experience certainly costs a lot of money. A good gaming laptop must come with a lot of features like good graphics cards, superb speakers, HD screen, etc. But there are also enough laptops for gamers on ...
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CS:GO - Gaming Laptops - Shop for the top-rated Dell G Series and Alienware gaming laptops that provide an exhilarating gaming experience. Customize you gaming laptop today.
r/GamingLaptops on Reddit: Gaming Laptop for CS:GO. I beg you to help me!
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December 19, 2020 - I believe CSGO is CPU intensive but both of those processors will run the game great. I'd go for a 17" option over a 15" one. I had to return my 15" laptop because I found it to be too small for first person shooters (albeit I'm 30 and maybe my eye sight is starting to get worse).
r/GlobalOffensive - Best gaming laptop for CSGO? Budget ones are preferable :)
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August 6, 2018 - CSGO is more of CPU consuming game with a decent GFX Card, so if you are going to buy a Laptop dedicated for that, look for a good CPU. I have the same Acer Predator Laptop(As /u/akkshaikh). The only difference is I play with with Black Bars. (FPS: 200+ Avg FPS: 249.5)
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