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Preservative-free Annexin V conjugates are compatible with real-time staining of apoptotic cells for live cell imaging, fluorescence microscopy, or flow cytometry · Annexin V fluorescent conjugates can be used to detect apoptotic cells. Annexin V is available conjugated to a wide variety of dyes
Hydrophobic Fluorescent Probes Introduce Artifacts into Single Molecule Tracking Experiments Due to Non-Specific Binding - PMC
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Single-molecule techniques are powerful tools to investigate the structure and dynamics of macromolecular complexes; however, data quality can suffer because of weak specific signal, background noise and dye bleaching and blinking. It is less well-known, ...
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January 18, 2017 - Far-red fluorescent dye with exceptional photostability and yields the brightest conjugates among spectrally similar dyes.
CF™633 Dye
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A fluorescent reagent company, Biotium offers a full selection of products including secondary antibodies, antibody labeling kits, DNA stains, & reagents.
CF633 ÿ IgG (H+L), ߽--ܲ/۸ͼƬ_
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CF™633 DyeFar-red fluorescent dyes offer the advantage of ultra sensitive detection because background signal due to autofluorescence in most biological samples is minimal in this spectral regio
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Bioz Stars score, Techniques, Protocol Conditions and more for Cf633, supplied by Biotium. Data for Cf633 gathered from related PubMed articles.
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